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Benjamin Turner
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1999 Emmons Lashley Legrande II D10 Pedal Steel
Curt Mangan / SIT Strings, Stainless Steel
Jerry Wallace TrueTone Pickups
3x Webb 614-E Steel Guitar Amps
Quantum Cables
Boss Pedal Board BCB60
  • Peterson StroboStomp Classic (Open)
  • Peterson StroboPlus HD (Pedals)
  • Wampler Clarksdale OD
  • Boss RV6 Digital Reverb
  • Boss DD7 Digital Delay
  • EHX B9 Organ Machine
National NP2 Finger Picks
Golden Gate Thumb Picks
ROC N SOC Drum Thrones
Hilton Low Profile Volume Pedals
Various Other Six-Strings, Dobros and other Misc Equipment
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